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Information de base
Type d'activité: Fabricant, Trading Company
Produits/Service (Nous vendons): Masques de fête, Boa plume
Lieu: Anhui, China
Année d'Etablissement: 2014
Oui, commencer l'exportation: 2014
No d'employés: 51 - 100 personnes
Revenu total (Année précédente): confidential
Marchés Principaux: Amérique du Nord,Amérique centrale,Asie du Sud-,Northe,Europe du Sud
Délai moyen: 25 jours
Profil de l'entreprise

Galant factory was originally founded in 1991 as a workshop aiming at producing and marketing some of the typical party souvenirs. At the very beginning, the workshop dealt with both the production of masks as well as the sale of feather material and feather by-product items, fabrics and small objects. Soon afterwards though, the strong passion for craftsmanship and the manual skills got the upper hand over the marketing aspect and the company started focusing more and more on the handmade production of ceramic and papier-mache feather masks. The first ideas and the first masks started being developed and created, marking a turning point for the mask-producers at that time and laying the foundations for a new direction to take. Along the production of the traditional mask types, new ones, more complex and colorful are being offered. The techniques involving the making and the decoration of the masks themselves are being refined, with more detailed finishing touches and qualitatively improved materials, so that the mask can last longer. Particular care is put on what is the basis of our work that is the drawings of shapes and moulds. Everything is being created, taken care of and followed in every small detail, resulting in the realization of unique and original models. The ability to harmoniously blend the traditional working and decoration techniques with nowadays modern products, colors and fabrics which we have been developing in over 27 years of experience allows us to create unique master pieces characterized by superior quality. Our product positioning is in the moderate and middle grade product, and all products are made of natural feather by hand and there is an ample supply of a variety of such products. Whole area of our company is 10,000sqm with building of 8000sqm and the fixed assets value is 30,000,000 RMB with more than 600 workers. Our company is committed to providing customers with "health, happiness, personality, suitable for" services.

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Capacité de l'entreprise

Capacité de vente Amérique du Nord : 45.00% Amérique centrale : 30.00% Voir plus
Capacité de production Taille de l'entreprise : 10,000-30,000 mètres carrés No de chaînes de production : 10 Voir plus
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Mr. Jason Peng
Mr. Jason Peng
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