Petit Chauffage Électrique Graines De Tournesol De Sésame D'arachide Café Soja D'amande Torréfacteur

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Assistance Express · Fret maritime · Fret terrestre · Fret aérien
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Hôtels, Usine de fabrication, Machines De Réparation Magasins, Aliments et Boissons Usine, Fermes, Restaurant, Usage domestique, Au détail, Magasin d'alimentation, Travaux de Construction, L'énergie et L'exploitation Minière, Aliments et Boissons Magasins, Société de publicité
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Produit chaud 2019
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1 AN
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Moteur, Moteur
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Hubei, China
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1 AN
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Support en ligne
Domaines d'application:
Usine de transformation de légumes, Collation alimentaire usine, L'usine de boissons, Boulangerie, Usine de transformation de fruits, Usine d'huile de cuisson
Machines Fonction:
roaster machine
Matières premières:
Blé, Légumes, Maïs, Fruits, Noix, Farine, De soja
Sortie nom du produit:
Small nut roasting machine
Grain Processing Equipment
Small nut roasting machine
Raw Material:
Pumpkin Seeds,peanut
Heating Method:
All kinds of dried fruits and nuts
peanut roasting machine
Product Name:
Seed beans roasting machine
Food Grade Stainless Steel
Food Industry Equipment
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Capacité d'approvisionnement:
200 Set/Sets per Month
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1. Emballage en bois 2. Conteneur 3. Selon vos besoins
Petit Chauffage Électrique Graines De Tournesol De Sésame D'arachide Café Soja D'amande Torréfacteur
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Small Electric Heating Sunflower Seeds Peanut Sesame Coffee Soya Bean Almond Roaster Roasting Machine


Product Description

Product Description:

1) There are two types: electric and gas type. You can choose the one you prefer. 
2) It can aslo be used for roasting peanuts, sesame, grains, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds etc, it is multi functional.
3) It is full stainless stell. What is more, we can customized the rotary drum--stainleess steel, not the iron.
4) For this machine, by reverse direction, it can pour out the materials. It is more convenient.
5) When roasting materials, you can also add some oil or salt to make different flavors. 

Technical Parameters:











25 minutes/time







30 minutes/time




Product Details


1.This machine is very easy to control and operate
2.Occupy small space, convenient to move different place
3. Many kinds of fuel can be used, such as, coal, gas, electricity, etc
4.This roasting machine is used for frying different food stuff, such as pellets, nuts, and chips etc.
5.Most kinds of nuts can be fried by this machine and get a stable and uniform result.
6.Low manpower cost,one person can achieve.
7.High efficient and low price


Operation Methods:
a, Gas/coal Heating
1,Please check the circuit junctions and insulation condition first
2,Fix the low pressure valve onto the gas tank and connect the soft tube for supplying gas. Then connect power.
3,Revolving take down the sealing cover of roller, load the materials, then revolving seal the cover. Turn on the power switch fist and then open gas tank and fire. Then the roasting starts.
4,After finishing roasting, close the gas valve and turn off electricity. Fix the screen to the roller exit, and take down the cover of roller and switch on the motor reverse turning button, the roasted food will come out and separate automatically.
5,Close the gas source and cut off power then the operator can leave.

b , Electricity Heating
1,Please check the circuit junctions and insulation condition first
2,Revovling take down the sealing cover of roller, load the materials, then revolving seal the cover. Turn on the motor switch frist and then open the heating switch and preset the temperature and start roasting. The temperature controller can set the heating temperature.
3,After finishing roasting, turn off heating and motor switch orderly . Fix the screen to the roller exit, and take down the cover of roller and switch on the motor reverse turning button, the roasted food will come out and separate automatically.
4,Cut off power source then the operator can leave.
1,Check the connections and valve will not leak for the gas heating type and ensure no heating source or danger around the gas tank. Cut off the gas source after finishing work.
2,When the motor switch is in the clockwise (reverse) condition, first dial it to the stop position and wait for 2 seconds then make it to the reverse(clockwise) position, in order to ensure the motor’s service life.
3,The ball bearing need be lubricated every half a month and reduction gearbox every half a year.


Detailed Images

Application areas

Snack Food Industry: melon seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnut oil press: sesame seeds, rapeseed, soybeans 

Tea industry: fixing, drying Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese planing condiment industry: pepper, pepper, anise, fennel

Chemical industry: drying and heating of chemical raw materials Tobacco processing industry: baking process

Feed industry: raw materials roasted mixed cereals Processing industry: corn, sorghum, rice, barley, wheat

We also have Carbon steel inner pot electric and coal type

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Packaging & Shipping

Packing & Delivery


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Company Information

Wuhan HDC Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and modern grain and oil machinery
engineering equipment manufacturer integrating research, manufacturing and installation.
We have obtained rich experience and practice in palm fruit oil machine, vegetable oil
pretreatment, prepress,extraction, sophisticated technology and equipment designs etc.
owing wide international market in more than 130 countries and regions.


Our Services

Our machines undergo an extensive and strict testing and quality control procedure, ensuring each and every item purchased meet global quality standards.
Any comments, suggestionsare accepted. We will be very grateful to your positive footprints left in our company. If you have any problem with our products, please leave a message to us.
Any comments, suggestions are appreciated from our customers. Customers' comments will be along with our growing-up experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:   

Q: (Customer) This is the first time that I do the Import , How can I believe that you would send product ?
A: We are gold supplier on for years.We are identified and approved.  And you can confirm with alibaba company. You can ask for refund if we don't send you the goods.
Q: How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged ? 
A: First ,we package is standard for shipping ,before you pick up the goods, please confirm product whether is welll ,We will help you to buy insurance for you, if damage ,we or ship company will take the responsibility .
Q: What aftersales service or any question about products ? 
A:Any problem ,I am online from 9 am to 6pm,or you can send me email , will reply you 

within 24 hours.

Contact us

Kindly Reminding:

Please tell us the following information when sending inquiries. We will recommend suitable machine or provide suggestions upon the following information. Thank you in advance.
1. Raw materail
2. The capacity
Tip: Pictures along with the information above will be better.

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