Nouveau Produit de sécurité domestique numérique sans fil système d'alarme gsm

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Hong Kong S.A.R.
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TCP, ip
Product name:
New Product manual wireless digital home security gsm alarm system
RF Power:
Digital Alarm Input:
2 x channels
RF Wireless::
433 MHz, 4.8Kbit/s
Wireless Distance:
1200 meter (unblock)
RF Module
Battery Life:
Average 1~2 year
80 x 80 x 28 mm/70 x 65 x 35 mm
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Capacité d'approvisionnement:
10000 Set/Sets per Month
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Quantité(Sets) 1 - 1000 >1000
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New Product manual wireless digital home security gsm alarm system





G7-D2                   Wireless Digital Alarm Input


With G7 wireless digital alarm input and Base Station, you can start monitoring sensor measurement online remotely.

Wireless sensor G7 transmits measurement of any detector with dry contact output signal to Base Station via wireless signal. Base Station collects all the wireless sensors readings and uploads to central server in interval via Modbus TCP protocol.

G7-Centre App receives data from Base Station over Internet or LAN.

G7 Client App for Windows10, iOS, Android displays and stores all the incoming data in computer/tablet/smartphone for data analysis. By monitoring and understanding how measurement changes, user can be alerted by alarm triggered by alarm e.g. smoke detector, level switch, water leakage.



Model:   G7-D2

[Product Name_1]               Wireless Transmitter for digital detector

[Product Name_2]               Wireless Alarm Detector

[Product Name_3]               Wireless Digital Alarm Sensor

[Product Name_4]               Industrial Wireless Digital Sensor System

[Product Name_5]               RF Wireless Digital Alarm Sensor

[Product Name_6]               Radio Wave Wireless Digital Alarm Sensor

[Product Name_7]               Wireless Alarm Detector Gateway

[Product Name_8]               Wireless Digital Alarm System

[Product Name_9]               64 Channels Wireless Alarm Detector

[Product Name_10]             1200m Wireless Digital Alarm Sensor



[Product Name]    Wireless Smoke Detector, Wireless Level Switch, Wireless Water Leakage Detector, Wireless Door Contact










[In the Package]

1 x Base Station & RF Antenna

1 x AC/DC Adaptor

1 x Ethernet Cable

Up to 64 x Wireless Sensors in one single system



[How it Works]

(1)     Wireless Sensor

The sensor transmits the digital detector alarm to Base Station wireless over radio frequency up to 1200 meter unblocked. Its internal battery operates for average one year. All sensors are waterproof and internal/external antenna adjustable.

* G7-AD                                 Wireless Analog Sensor

* G7-D2                                 Wireless Digital Alarm Input

* G7-T2/TX                            Wireless Temperature Sensor

* G7-H2/H3                           Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor

* G7-T2/TX-Ex                       Wireless Temperature Sensor [Extended Power]

* G7-H2/H3-Ex                     Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor [Extended Power]



(2)     Base Station

It is a gateway between user and sensors. Base Station receives reading from max. 64 wireless sensors in a range of 1200m. This station is connected to the Internet or LAN connection. Information of all sensors collected in one data record is then sent to the central computer over LAN or Internet in Modbus TCP protocol.

(3)     G7 Wireless Client App for Windows, iPad, Android

By using free G7 Client Lite, users receive data from Base Station over LAN or Internet. Data will be saved into file for future analysis and displayed in graphics with live alarm alert.








[Technical Specification]



Wireless Digital Alarm Input

Digital Alarm Input

2 x channels


Dry Contact

Transmission Interval:

User Programmable 5s ~ 4 hours

Sensor ID:

Unique 8 digits

RF Wireless:

433 MHz, 4.8Kbit/s

RF Power:


Wireless Distance:

1200 meter (unblock)

Operation Rating:

80mA (data transmission)

Standby Rating:

~3.0uA (sleep mode)

Operating Voltage:

2~3.6V DC

Battery Life:

Average 1~2 year


80 x 80 x 28 mm

Base Station 



Active TCP


Modbus TCP

Network Port:

10/100M Ethernet

Data Packet:

Instant on incoming data of connected sensors

RF Wireless:

433MHz, 4.8Kbit/s

RF Address/Band:


Operating Voltage:

5 ~ 20V DC


< 130mA

Operating Temperature:

-35 ~ 75 °C


70 x 65 x 35 mm























* water pipes network real time monitoring – level switch sensor

* oil/gas pipes network, pump stations – valve open contact

* underground water level real time monitoring

* environmental monitoring system – level or light sensors

* remote Industrial equipment monitoring

* wide area equipment monitoring e.g. power plant, antenna tower

* data centre for water leakage detection

* food chain, storage, transport industry, building management

* agricultural, farming, laboratory, medical industry – water leakage







(1) Setup Software
Free and User-Friendly Setup Software for Windows provides a user-friendly graphics interface of configuring the Smart Data Logger.
It allows user to save, export and import the configuration file.

(2) Centre Software
Free Centre Software is a small tool to receive data via GPRS, Ethernet or Wi-Fi for testing purpose.

(3) NET Client App for Windows, iPad, Android
Free NET Client accesses the live data or logged data from Smart Data Logger directly. It then displays the sensor readings in graphics modes on PC, iPad or Android tablet.
It allows user to monitor the real time sensor reading in graphics chart or HMI.

(4) Ultimate Server Client Software Package [Optional]
Ultimate Server is designed to manage a large number of Smart Data Loggers. It handles the data receiving via GPRS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and SMS in both UDP and TCP protocol simultaneously. It manages the database of incoming data, data loggers and remote client users.
Ultimate Client allows user to monitor both real time data and historical data in graphics chart or HMI.





Company Information

Easemind Technology Ltd. is established by a team of engineers and programmers specialized in industrial and telecommunication fields.

We have been in business of hardware and software development of wireless data logging devices and industrial telemetry equipment since 1989.

The business and marketing concept of the company consists of:
• Development according to the actual market needs and customer demands,
• Utilization of reliable, trust-worthy and right-to-the-edge technology,
• Turn-around product delivery and service fulfillment within time limits,
• Cost-effective solutions: the right price for the right product, and
• One Stop Solution of hardware, software and user applications

EASEMIND is now a group of companies specialized in RF wireless sensor & mobile data tracking devices for consumer and industrial sectors. Our sales offices are located in US, Hong Kong and China with manufacturing facilities in Zhejiang and Shenzhen, China.




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