Japonais Ramen Restaurant Chef à L'aide de Filtres À Fil Pour Nouilles

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Three Snow
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1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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50 pièces dans 1 carton.
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Japanese Ramen Restaurant Chef Using Wire Strainers For Noodle


A handy tool for scooping and straining boiled noodles.
A simple and durable design with thick woven wire.
The wire that is designed with 14% extra thickness from our normal product  can withstand even heavy work in the kitchen.



The most important things in making ramen noodles are boing time and straining water.
Without straining water from noodles enough, the taste of soup will be changed. Therefore, a solid durable strainer like this product is always necessary in cooking ramen.




-- 14% extra thickness in wire.


-- Wire and a handle are firmly locked by a brace.





product namesize A*B


Wire Strainers For Noodle 18cm


 Φ180 * 285 7.7 - 8.2


Wire Strainers For Noodle 21cm


 Φ210 * 280 8.6 - 9.2


Wire Strainers For Noodle 24cm


 Φ240 * 270 15.3 - 16.3


Wire Strainers For Noodle 27cm


 Φ270 * 340 14 - 15





50 pieces in 1 carton.


Only T/T 100% payment up front is accepted. A custom clearance and handling fees will be added separately.


About our Company


We have treated the cookroom article for 75 years in Tsubame-shi, Niigata famous for metalworking since foundation.


If it is a cookroom article, it will be second to nobody. 
And we can satisfy the necessity for global business.


Our company is treating the goods of 60,000 or more items, and can provide global business with high quality Japanese-made goods. 
For example, they are a pan, a frying pan and a kitchen knife, bowl etc.


Having already performed the buyer and business of Asia or Europe, the Japanese-made goods with the sufficient quality which our company offered have acquired popularity in each country. 

Chances Special Service


1) We present the cookware of stainless steel products. If you feel interest to these products, contact me to us freely. 
The details about a product are shown to you.


2) We are wholesale dealer companies. And it has relation of the factory and many which produce an in-house product. 
Therefore, it has an advantage price which can manage a high quality product.


3) When a buyer pays elegance cost and a mailing cost, shipment of the sample article is received. 

4) Big MOQ has not prepared. An order for a small quantity can also be placed.


5) Big order come with big discount,trial orders are welcome.


6) I am preparing quick shipment organization. 
If our company which can carry out package management of the goods which amount to many kinds is used, your company can realize smooth-ization of stocking.



We are dealing with various kitchen equipments.


Our company view




Backyard  view



Staff Profile 

[Shintaro Takayama]

Inquarry Handle + Sales


What can I do for you?

I answer to the inquiry from you quickly. 

Please do not hesitate to ask and make it me. 

[Shigeyuki Oyamatsu]

Web Creator + Sales


Our company has a track record for foundation 70 years.

I introduce good goods to you with confidence based on the track record. 




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