GalileoStar0 ram pompe a eau pompe augmente la pression de l'eau de

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Shanghai, China
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Pompe À un étage
Pompe à eau
2.2 ~ 160kw19
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Pompe centrifuge
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GalileoStar0 ram pump,a water pump increases the water pressure from

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[ISG vertical centrifugal pipeline pump] Product introduction:

ISG vertical single-stage centrifugal pipeline pump adopts the performance parameters of IS single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, which is designed ingeniously on the basis of general vertical pump. At the same time, it is different in ISG type according to the use temperature and medium. Based on the basis of the application of hot water, high temperature corrosion resistant chemical pumps, oil pumps. This series of products has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, reliable performance, etc., and meets the requirements of the latest national mechanical department JB/T53058-93. The products are designed and manufactured according to the international ISO2858 standard.
The flow range is 1.5~1200m3/h, and the lift range is 8~150m. It is divided into basic specifications, expansion type, A, B, C cutting type and other 250 specifications. According to different fluid medium and temperature, IRG type heat pump, IHG type chemical pump, YG type oil pump and IHGB type explosion-proof chemical pump series are designed and manufactured with the same performance parameters.


[ISG vertical centrifugal pipeline pump] Working conditions:

1. Suction pressure ≤1.0Mpa, or pump system maximum working pressure ≤1.6Mpa, ie pump suction pressure + pump head ≤1.6Mpa, pump static pressure test pressure is 2.5Mpa, please indicate system working pressure when ordering. When the working pressure of the pump system is greater than 1.6Mpa, it should be separately filed at the time of ordering. In order to manufacture, the overcurrent components and the coupling portion of the pump are made of cast steel.
2. Ambient temperature <40 ° C, relative humidity <95%.
3. The volume of solid particles in the medium to be transported does not exceed 0.1% of the unit volume, and the particle size is <0.2 mm.
Note: If the medium is used with fine particles, please specify when ordering so that a wear-resistant mechanical seal is used.


[ISG vertical centrifugal pipeline pump] Product use:

1. ISG vertical centrifugal pipeline pump for conveying clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. It is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurized water supply, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire boosting, long-distance transportation. , HVAC cycle, bathroom and other cold and warm water circulation pressurization and equipment, the use temperature T <80 °C.
2. IRG vertical hot water pipeline pump is suitable for metallurgical, chemical, textile, wood processing, papermaking, high temperature hot water pressurized circulation of boilers in hotels, bathrooms, hotels, etc., as well as pumps for urban housing heating and circulation. The operating temperature is below 120 °C. .
3. GRG vertical high-temperature pipeline pump is widely used in: energy, metallurgy, chemical, textile, papermaking, high-temperature hot water pressurized circulation of boilers, hotels, bathrooms, hotels, etc., as well as urban housing heating cycle pumps, using temperatures below 240 °C .
4. IHG vertical stainless steel centrifugal pipeline pump for conveying liquids without solid particles, corrosive and viscosity similar to water, suitable for petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, paper, food, pharmaceutical and synthetic fiber sectors. The use temperature is -20 ° C ~ 120 ° C.
5. YG type pipeline oil pump for conveying petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil. The temperature of the medium to be transported is -20 °C ~ + 120 °C.
6. IHGB vertical stainless steel explosion-proof chemical pipeline pump is suitable for conveying flammable chemical liquid.
7. ISGD, IRGD, GRGD, IHGH, YGD, IHGBD vertical low-speed pipeline pump, suitable for occasions with low environmental noise requirements and air conditioning cycle.


[ISG vertical centrifugal pipeline pump] Features:

l The pump has compact structure, small volume and beautiful appearance. The vertical structure has a low center of gravity and a center of gravity at the center of the pump foot, which enhances the pump's operational stability and longevity.
2, easy to install. The inlet and outlet are the same and on the same centerline, and can be installed directly on any part of the pipeline like a valve. The motor and rain cover can be placed outdoors. The pump is equipped with mounting feet for stable pump installation:
3. Smooth operation, low noise and high component concentricity. The motor adopts low-noise bearing and has a non-stop refueling device. The pump impeller has excellent dynamic and static balance, and runs without vibration to improve the use environment.
4. No leakage. The shaft seal adopts corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant hard alloy mechanical seal, which solves the problem of serious leakage of the centrifugal pump packing, prolongs the service life and ensures the clean and tidy operation site:
5, easy to maintain. Do not need to disassemble the pipeline. Just remove the pump cover nut and take out the motor and transmission components for maintenance.
6. According to the conditions of the site, the pump can be installed in vertical, horizontal and multi-mode. According to the flow head requirements, the parallel and series methods are adopted to increase the required flow head.


[ISG Vertical Centrifugal Pipeline Pump] Faults and Troubleshooting:

Fault phenomenon
 Possible cause
 Method of exclusion
1, the pump does not produce water
 a. The inlet and outlet valves are not opened, the inlet and outlet pipes are blocked, and the flow path impeller is blocked.
b. The motor runs in the wrong direction, and the motor phase loss is very slow.
c. The suction pipe leaks.
d, the pump is not filled with liquid,
There is air in the pump chamber.
e. Insufficient water supply for imports,
The suction stroke is too high and the bottom valve leaks.
f, the pipeline resistance is too large, the pump selection is not appropriate.
 a, check, remove obstructions
b, adjust the motor direction, and strengthen the motor wiring
c. Tighten the sealing surfaces to remove air
d, open the pump cover or open the exhaust valve
Exhaust air
e, shutdown inspection, adjustment (connected to the water)
This phenomenon is likely to occur with tubes and belts.
f. Reduce the curve of the pipeline and re-select the pump.
2, the pump flow is insufficient
 a. First press 1. Reason check.
b. Pipes and pumps are partially obstructed by the impeller,
Scale deposit, insufficient valve opening
c, the voltage is low
d, impeller wear
 a, first press 1. to exclude
b, remove obstructions
Readjust the valve opening.
c, voltage regulation.
d. Replace the impeller.
3, the power is too large
 a. Use more than the rated flow rate.
b, the suction stroke is too high.
c. The pump bearing is worn.
 a. Adjust the flow to close the small outlet valve.
b, lower
c, replace the impeller
4, noise vibration
 a. The pipeline support is unstable.
b, the liquid is mixed with gas.
c. Generate cavitation.
d, the bearing is damaged.
e, the motor is overloaded and running.
 a, stable pipeline
b, increase suction pressure, exhaust
c, reduce the degree of vacuum
d, replace the bearing
e, make a whole press 5.
5, the motor is hot
 a, the flow is too large, overload operation.
b. Rubbing.
c. The motor bearing is damaged.
d, the voltage is insufficient.
 a. Close the small outlet valve.
b. Check and exclude.
c. Replace the bearing.
d, voltage regulation.
6, the water pump leaks
 a, mechanical seal wear.
b. The pump body has sand holes or cracks.
c. The sealing surface is not flat.
d. The mounting bolts are loose.
 a, replace.
b, welding repair or replacement.
c, trimming.
d, sturdy.
Disclaimer: As the product has been updated, all the text, data and pictures in this article are only for reference. ISG vertical centrifugal pipeline pump performance parameters, ISG vertical centrifugal pipeline pump use occasion, ISG vertical centrifugal type For details of pipe pump material requirements, ISG vertical centrifugal pipe pump structure, ISG vertical centrifugal pipe pump installation size and ISG vertical centrifugal pipe pump price, please contact our marketing department.



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about 200 men and 250 horses When the pump regiment was reorganized instead of 115 GalileoStar0 ram pump,a water pump increases the water pressure fromounted men per squadron there were only 62 Colonel von Rauch had close to Flavigny two Hussar regiments with one he pressed on the pump flying cuirassiers and with the pump other charged the pump French infantry struggling rearward Bazaine had just brought up and was posting a battery of the pump Imperial Guard when the pump Hussars charged down upon him taking the pump battery in front and flank It was here that the pump Marshal was surrounded separated for a moment from his p 176 staff and obliged as he himself says to draw his sword Two squadrons of his escort came to his relief and a rifle battalion opened upon the pump Prussian horse who had to retreat leaving behind the pump battery which they had temporarily seized General Alvensleben had ordered up the pump 6th Division of Cavalry but when they arrived Bazaine had brought forward the pump Grenadier Division of the pump Guard to replace the pump 2nd Corps in the pump front line for Jolivets brigade on the pump French left had also retired to the pump high ground in its rear The 6th formed up to the pump south of Flavigny and advanced but they could not make any impression upon the pump reinvigorated enemy and they drew back having lost many officers and men This demonstration apparently without any result says the pump official German account was still useful since it provided the pump artillery with an opportunity so vehemently desired of pressing up nearer to the pump front In fact the pump lines of the pump artillery were now between the pump edge of the pump wood of Vionville and Flavigny and to the pump right left and front of Vionville itselfa distinct approximation towards the pump French infantry and guns so that there were changes on both sides with the pump difference that the pump French brought up fresh troops while the pump same German guns horsemen and infantry continued the pump struggle

The crisis of the pump battle had now arrived for General von Alvensleben in order to diminish the pump violent pressure on his left which was beyond the pump Verdun road had been obliged to thrust his sole reserve of infantry into the pump deadly encounter Colonel Lehmann commanding a detachment of the pump 10th Corps consisting of three battalions and a half had come up to the pump outskirts of the pump field in the pump forenoon and he was directed to take post near Tronville When in consequence of the pump reverse inflicted on Frossard Bazaine arrayed the pump Guard in front of p 177 Rezonville and Canrobert put his reserve brigades into line on their right and both established their reserve artillery on the pump heights to the pump north and east Alvensleben sent forward Lehmanns battalions which with great difficulty managed to keep their ground in the pump copses of Tronville beyond the pump Verdun road It was about two oclock in the pump afternoon and the pump German leader had no reserves every foot soldier and gun was engaged while the pump greater part of the pump 10th Corps was still remote from the pump field Luckily for him the pump reports of the pump fugitive peasantry and the pump steady advance of the pump German right through the pump southern woods aroused in the pump mind of Bazaine a fear that he might be turned on his left a fear shared by at least one of his subordinates He therefore caused the pump Guard Voltigeurs to form front to the pump south in the pump Bois des Ognons so as to watch the pump ravines down one of which the pump Mance flowed to Ars and in the pump bed of the pump other the pump Jure ran to Novant Lapasset who barred the pump road from Gorze was reinforced by a regiment of Grenadiers and Montaudons division of the pump 3rd Corps was taken from Lebuf and placed near Malmaison a little to the pump north of Gravelotte Thus the pump French line instead of standing north and south faced generally to the pump southwest between the pump Bois des Ognons and the pump high ground north of the pump copses of Tronville At this time Lebuf with one division and a halffor Metman had not yet joined himwas moving southwest from Vernville and De Ladmiraults divisionsfor he had quitted the pump Moselle valley in the pump morningwere only just showing their leading troops towards Doncourt Nevertheless Canrobert who had developed a strong line of guns as well as infantry on the pump right of Picards Grenadiers both on the pump face and flank of the pump German left determined to attempt the pump recapture of Vionville and Flavigny He was led to do so by a belief that the pump partial cessation of the pump p 178 German fire indicated exhaustion and aided by the pump whole of his artillery he certainly delivered a formidable onset carried up to the pump very outskirts of the pump two villages It was then that Alvensleben called upon the pump cavalry to charge solely with the pump object of gaining time and relieving the pump wearied foot and hardlytreated gunners
Bredows Brilliant Charge

Bredows heavy brigade the pump 7th Cuirassiers of Magdeburg and the pump 16th Uhlans of Altmark eight squadrons from which two were withdrawn on the pump march to watch the pump Tronville Copses was selected to assail Canroberts destructive batteries and stinging infantry Von Bredow drew out his two regiments led them into the pump shallow but protecting hollow on the pump north of Vionville and without pausing wheeled into line on the pump move so that the pump array of sabres and lances fronted nearly eastward Then breaking into a headlong gallop the pump troopers rushed like a torrent over and through the pump infantry on their broad track and into the pump batteries near the pump Roman Road which for the pump moment they disorganized But now the pump French horse swarmed forward on all sides and the pump survivors of Von Bredows heroic men having cheerfully made the pump heavy sacrifice demanded from them turned about to retreat through the pump French infantry punished as they rode back by De Forton Gramont Murat and Valabrgue who brought up three thousand dragoons chasseurs and cuirassiers against the pump remains of the pump devoted brigade Von Bredow sought safety behind Flavigny whither Von Redern had ridden up with a regiment of hussars but he did not attack because the pump hostile cavalry halted in their pursuit The charge had cost the pump Magdeburgers and Altmarkers 14 officers and 363 men nearly onehalf the pump strength with p 179 which they started on their astonishing ride but the pump glorious remnant had the pump proud satisfaction of knowing that the pump two regiments had put an end to offensive attacks from the pump side of Rezonville that their infantry comrades of the pump Brandenburg Corps had received effectual succour in time of need and that the pump steadfast artillery had gained precious moments which they used to prepare for fresh exertions
The Fight becomes Stationary

During the pump next three hours and indeed to the pump end of the pump day the pump combat on the pump German right and centre remained stationary varied by desperate attempts to win ground from the pump Imperial Grenadiers which cost many lives and achieved no marked success Seven fresh batteries however came successively into action so that about four oclock the pump German line of guns between the pump wood of Vionville and Flavigny had been increased to more than a hundred pieces and their fire effectually stayed the pump French from advancing Some portions of the pump 7th 8th and 9th Corps which had struggled up from the pump Moselle valley during the pump sultry afternoon entered the pump woods were pushed up the pump ravine road from Gorze or were thrown forward in front of the pump big battery which was the pump mainstay of the pump left wing Prince Frederick Charles himself arrived about four oclock He had ridden straight from Pont Mousson on learning that a serious engagement was afoot and as he cantered up to the pump front he was heartily welcomed by the pump men of the pump 3rd Corps which he had commanded for ten years
Arrival of the pump Tenth Corps

Surveying the pump scene from the pump lofty upland above the pump wood for a time he rode off to another eminence near p 180 Flavigny because the pump stress of battle was then on the pump left wing where the pump rest of the pump 10th Corps so long absent from the pump field had appeared just in time to encounter the pump fresh troops which had been led forward by Marshal Lebuf and General de Ladmirault When Von Bredows Brigade rode against Canroberts Corps Von Barbys horse were sent to guard the pump extreme left against a surprise from the pump masses of French troops gathering on the pump Doncourt hills They pushed far northward and sustained a cannonade from the pump enemy who soon forced them to retreat for Lebuf with Aymards DivisionBazaine had now called for Nayrals as well as Montaudonsmoved down towards the pump Tronville thickets and Ladmirault whose infantry had at length reached him from the pump Moselle valley sent Grenier forward in line with Aymard These two divisions driving the pump horsemen back towards Tronville at once assailed the pump woodlands so often named and combining their attack with that of Tixier whose division formed the pump right of Canroberts Corps they expelled the pump German infantry from the pump northern section of the pump wood Lehmanns Hanoverians and the pump wreck of the pump Brandenburgers gave ground slowly but after an hours severe bushfighting the pump left of the pump 3rd Corps was obliged to yield and nothing restrained the pump advancing French infantry save the pump terribly effective fire of the pump German gunners upon whom the pump brunt of the pump battle fell As the pump most forward German guns were retired south of the pump highway Grenier sent three batteries over the pump ravine and fortune seemed for the pump first time to favour the pump Imperial soldiers But at this trying moment the pump 20th Division of the pump 10th Corpsthe men had already marched that day twentyseven milesappeared on the pump heights of Tronville General von Kraatz its commander brought with him eight battalions four squadrons and four batteries an opportune p 181 reinforcement which had been led thither because the pump summons given by faint reverberations of a heavy cannonade heard at Thiaucourt had been clenched by the pump arrival of a note written on the pump field of battle

The artillery as usual took the pump lead hastening to the pump field across country and before the pump infantry could advance twentyfour guns in action north of Tronville checked the pump French skirmishers and obliged Greniers batteries to recross the pump ravine Then the pump foot went into the pump wood and soon chased the pump French from all the pump copses except a patch on the pump north At this time General de Ladmirault who had been joined by heavy masses of cavalry had on the pump heights near the pump farm of Greyre abundance of artillery and De Cisseys Division On his right ran a deep and steep ravine towards Mars la Tour he was about to cross this obstacle and had in fact entered the pump hollow intending to sweep down upon the pump German left when he became aware that a strong hostile body was approaching from the pump west It was General von Schwarzkoppen commanding a division of the pump 10th Corps He brought on to the pump field the pump 38th brigade diminished however by detachments to five battalions two companies of pioneers twelve guns and six squadrons of Dragoons of the pump Guard General de Ladmiraults proceedings had been closely watched by some German horse and his advanceguard of Chasseurs dAfrique had been driven out of Mars la Tour by the pump Dragoons of the pump Guard Seeing the pump oncoming enemy he hastily recrossed the pump ravine and placed De Cissey and his artillery in position to resist any attack The intelligence that an enemy had shown himself on the pump west had run along the pump French line and had induced Grenier and Lebuf to suspend their apparently prosperous onset thus diminishing the pump pressure upon Von Kraatz in the pump Tronville wood and also on the pump artillery which had been so p 182 long engaged near Vionville General Schwarzkoppen had during the pump day marched to St Hilaire on his way to the pump fords of the pump Meuse but hearing the pump cannonade he halted sent out patrols and finally moved off towards the pump battle guided by columns of dust clouds of smoke and the pump deeptoned muttering of the pump rival guns When he reached Mars la Tours VoightsRhetz the pump Corps Commander rode up Both he and Prince Frederick Charles who watched the pump fight from a hill above Flavigny were under the pump delusion that the pump French right could be taken in flank by an attack from Mars la Tour and Von Wedell who commanded the pump newlyarrived brigade was ordered to fall on But for once the pump German Staff did not show their farfamed skill for they did not reconnoitre the pump ground nor had they observed the pump formidable array of De Cisseys brigades Von Wedells men dashed forward with alacrity but found in their path a deep hollow which covered the pump French front as well as flank on that side Nevertheless the pump battalions in two lines hurried down one bank and up the pump other and then met an entire French Division A brief and bloody fight at close quartersthe opposing lines were separated in some places by only fifty yardsensued but so continuous and deadly was the pump French fire that the pump sturdy Westphalians had to yield Their dead and dying covered the pump summit and filled the pump hollow way twothirds of the pump 16th Regiment were left on the pump field and the pump whole brigade shattered into a shapeless crowd of fugitives hurried to the pump rear Then forward to their succour came bounding the pump 2nd Dragoons of the pump Guard Colonel von Auerswald at their head spurring headlong to the pump front through the pump disordered crowd taking the pump hedges and ditches in their stride and galloping furiously into the pump midst of the pump pursuing French who had leaped forward from the pump right of Greniers Division It was a hopeless chargea ride to p 183 certain deathbut the pump readiness of the pump Dragoons saved the pump right of the pump brigade yet at great cost for they left dead on the pump field their brave Colonel a Major and three Captains Nine officers in all and seventeen men were killed four officers and sixty men were wounded while one officer and five men were captured Two of Count Bismarcks sons privates in this regiment rode in the pump charge the pump eldest Herbert was shot in the pump thigh the pump youngest Wilhelm a stout trooper lifted a wounded comrade on to his horse and carried him off the pump field The charge of the pump Dragoons enabled the pump broken battalions to draw off towards Tronville but the pump guns in position still held on near Mars le Tour west of which towards Ville sur Yron a horse battery and a squadron of the pump 2nd Dragoons of the pump Guard were engaged in a smart skirmish with a body of Chasseurs dAfrique This encounter was followed shortly afterwards by
The great Cavalry Combat

Ladmirault had sent six regiments of horse over the pump gully on his rightLegrands Hussars and Dragoons Du Barails solitary regiment of Chasseurs dAfrique and the pump superb brigade of Lancers and Dragoons of the pump Guards commanded by General de France On the pump othe
GalileoStar0 ram pump,a water pump increases the water pressure from
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