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Functional Food Ingredient Sugar Replacement Polydextrose

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  • >=20000 kilogrammes
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Description rapide
CAS No.:
Autres Noms:
Point d'origine:
Henan, China
base de gomme àcmâcher, aromatisant, exhausteur de nutrition, Stabilisateur, Edulcorants, Epaississant, soluble dietary fiber
Marque nom:
Numéro de Type:
polydextrose II
Product name:
Functional Food Ingredient Sugar Replacement Polydextrose
slight yellow to white
Shelf Life:
2 years
90% Min
pH value:
baked food, beer, drinks
80% at 20 centigrade

Emballage et livraison

Unités de vente :
Article unique
Taille du paquet individuel : 
1X1X1.2 cm
Poids brut par article :
1.150 kg
Type d’emballage :
25 kg/bag, 40 sacs/palette
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Quantité(kilogrammes) 1 - 17000 >17000
Durée estimée (jours) 7 À négocier
Functional Food Ingredient Sugar Replacement Polydextrose 

1.Polydextrose is a kind of low calorie food additive, the calorie is just 1 kcal/g.Polydextrose is often used as food additive in low sugar food or sugar free food.

2.As food additive, polydextrose acts as bulking agent, formulation ading, thickener, humectant, textureiser.

3.Polydextrose can bring food with delicate, smooth and creamy taste.

4.As a kind of dietary fiber, polydextrose can be used in high fibre food.

5.In ice cream, polydextrose can replace part of fat to reduce the calorie ice cream.It can also increase the content of dietary fibre of ice cream.

Features of polydextrose

1.Solubility in water
Polydextrose is easily dissolved in water, the solubility is 80% at 25℃. The dissolution is faster under heating

Polydextrose is very stable, it can be steadily stored above 90 days under the condition of exposure at 25℃, 45℃,60℃. At 200℃,the stability is still very good and it doesn't react with acid and alkali.

The viscosity of polydextrose solution is higher than sucrose at same concentration.With the temperature rising,polydextrose solution viscosity will lower. The viscosity of polydextrose will increase as the concentration increase at 25℃.
4.Moisture retention
When ambient temperature is relatively high, solid polydextrose will absorb water sufficiently.
Polydextrose can be used as humectant. Taking baking foods as example,polydextrose can retard the evaporation of water in baking foods to keep flavor and extend shelf life.

5.Low calorie
It is difficult to be decomposed by organism as polydextrose is the product of polymerization randomly with many types of glycosidic bonds,complicated molecular structure.The calorie value is 1kcal/g
6.Non-dependent on insulin
Polydextrose improves peripheral insulin sensitivity to lower the request for insulin,inhibit insulin secretion,impede the absorption of sugar to realize lower blood sugar.Polydextrose can effectively prevent diabetes

7.None dental caries
Polydextrose can't be fermented by microorganism in mouth, so it's not harmful to our teeth.

8.Prevent fat accumulation and obesity

9.Lower blood sugar and chlestorel

10.Prevention and treatment of constipation
Testing Item
*Assay,as Polydextrose (%)
*1,6-Anhydrous Dextrose(%)
4.0 max
* Glucose (%)
4.0 max
* Sorbitol (%)
2.0 max
and related compounds (%)
0.1 max
Sulfated Ash (%)
0.3 max
Molecular Weight Limit
22000 max
Ph (10% solution )
Water (%)
4.0 max
Heavy Metal, mg/kg
5 max
Lead, mg/kg
0.5 max
Total Plate Count,cfu/g
1000 max
3.0 max
Yeast, cfu/g
20 max
20 max
Pathogenic Bacteria
If big order, we will package polydextrose in 25kg/bag.
If small order, we will use foil bag to package, then put foil bags into carton.
1. Heath care products: Polydextrose can be used as the raw and supplementary materials of the healthy food and the carrier of health care products aimed at constipation, diabetics, obesity, etc., such as fibre tablet, capsule, liquid tonic taken orally, instant herbal mixture etc. The reference use volume is 30% to 90%.

polydextrose polydextrose polydextrose polydextrose polydextrose
2. Food: cakes, biscuit, noodles, rice flour, flour, instant noodles, stuffing, meat, etc. The reference use volume is 5% to 20%.

3. Beverage: Fruit juice, coffee, tea drinks, carbonic acid drinks, bean milk drinks, nutrition drinks, powder drinks, etc. The reference use volume is 0.5% to 5%.

4. Dairy products: Milk and flavoring milk, fermenting milk, lactobacillus drinks, brewage milk powder, Yogurt, bean milk powder, etc. The reference use volume is 1% to 5%.

5. Candies and confectionery: All kinds of soft and hard candies, chocolate, cookies, moon cakes, various western-style kuchens, sheep soup. If added into the stuffing of cakes, it can keep them delicious and fresh. The reference use volume is 5% to 30%

6. Sweet snacks: Pudding, jelly, etc. The reference use volume is 0.5% to 5%.

7. Ice snacks: Ice cream, frozen sucker, ice candy, ice-lolly, jelly, etc. The reference use volume is 0.5% to 6%

8. Wines Liquor, beer: Yellow wine, fruit wine and medicinal liquor to manufacture health care liquor of high level of fibre. Polydextrose can make the foam of beer lasting and delicate. The reference use volume is 0.5% to 5%.

9. Seasoning Products: jam, soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning for hot pot, solid essence, etc. The reference use volume is 0.5% to 6%.

Our advantage
Our Company
Henan Tailijie Biotech Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of polydextrose  in China. It has 23 years experiences in the polydextrose production and owns five patents and several honors in China. We have 6 production line to satisfy customers' demand.

Tailijie Biotech Co.,Ltd. has independent Test Lab And Application Research Centre in Zhengzhou city. We can test all the items in the COA and provide special requirements quality products for customers. The application Research centre can develop different final products for you and provides recipes with polydextrose.  Further more, we can provide a whole set of new products marketing solution. 

We have been certified by KOSHER, HALAL, HACCP, ISO22000, ISO9001 and so on.
1. Is polydextrose vegan and gluten-free?
Polydextrose is usually produced from cornstarch, so it is vegan and gluten-free.

2. Can we get some samples?
Sure. Samples are for free. If you could share with us the courier fees, it will be highly appreciated.

3. Is the price negotiable?
Yes, if your order quantity is large, we can give you some discount.

4. Can we visit your factory and audit your company?
Sure. We welcome you come to visit us and meet face to face. Please book the ticket from your country to Zhengzhou Airport. It will take 2 hours from the airport to our factory. We will pick you up there. 

5. Has your company been audited by any big customers and got any approval by them?
Yes. We have been approved by several multi-international companies. If you need, we can provide the audit report.

6. If we purchase special quality goods, can you produce according to our requirements?
Sure. This is exactly what we are good at.

7. How long is your lead time?
Normal orders are 7-10 days. Special orders are upon the production plan. Will keep you informed after you place an order.

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