Résistant à la flamme en plastique entretoises de fenêtre

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60,00 $US - 110,00 $US / Mètre Carré | 50 Mètre Carré/Mètres Carrés (min. Order)
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Assistance Fret maritime
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Jiangsu, China
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En acier
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Résistant à la flamme en plastique fenêtre entretoises
En plastique En Acier
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En plastique En Acier Fenêtre
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Aucune façon
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5000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month
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flame resistant plastic window spacers

Quick details:

  • Typical energy-saving and environmental protection window, good ventilation and easy to clean;
  • The overall lining steel has improved strength and high wind pressure resistance level;
  • Locked around, good wind pressure resistance;
  • Sealed and burglarproof;
  • European system design and meeting the latest European standards and structural elements;
  • The new interior-loading aluminum alloy screen window design is more in line with humanized requirements and unique ideas;
  • Rich lines and good facade effect;
  • Unique hidden drainage system, good watertight and airtight performance;
  • The window type combination has good matching and wide application range.

Product parameters
 Product Name flame resistant plastic window spacers
 Product Model Plastic Steel Window
 Conventional Color White, Grey, Coffee, Black, Imitation wood grain
 Material European import hardware from SIEGENIA
 Handle Silver stainless steel handle
 Glass configuration 
 Automotive grade float glass raw film 5 + 12A + 5, 6 + 12A + 6, 5 + 19A + 5, 6 + 19A + 6, 5 + 22A + 5, 6 + 22A + 6 Double hollow toughened glass
 Door and window rubber strip EPDM composite rubber strip
 Craftsmanship structure Three sealant strip
 Treatment Process Electrostatic powder spraying about 60µm thickness 10~15years
 Fluorocarbon coating spraying 20µm thickness 15~25years
 Electrophoresis 15~20yeas
 Anodize 5~10years


Air tightness
Plastic steel doors and windows are equipped with rubber and plastic sealing strips and wool strip at all gaps during installation, so their airtightness is much higher than that of aluminum alloy doors and windows. 



Sound insulation
The plastic profile itself has good sound insulation effect. Such as the use of the double-glass structure has better sound insulation effect.



Weather resistance
Plastic steel doors and Windows can be applicable to the temperature difference between the larger environment for a long time (- 50 ℃ to - 70 ℃), the hot sun exposure, moisture will not make it appear metamorphism, aging, embrittlement phenomenon. 



Moderate price
Compared with aluminum windows, wooden windows and steel windows with the same performance, the price of plastic doors and windows is more economical.



Other Products


Material comparison
No.1 Aluminum alloy contrast

SUHIBOGE doors and windows of

high-grade aluminum profiles


General manufacturers choose

recycled chrome aluminum


High-grade aluminum alloy

The 100% west land platinum grid industrial aluminum oxide film in the thickness and strength, meet the national standard, Chromium free. Aluminum has high strength, good sealing performance, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high gloss. Fire protection, sound insulation and heat insulation function.


Recovery of chromium aluminum

General manufacturers use a large number of impurities in the recycled aluminum profiles. Wall thickness is only 0.6-0.8mm, tensile strength is low, and some use chrome aluminum material, extremely toxic. Easily absorbed by the body and accumulated in the body, has a strong carcinogenic effect, great harm to the human body.


 No.2 Hardware comparison 


SUHIBOGE imported hardware


Hardware used by general manufacturers


Germany imports hardware

SUHIBOGE doors and Aluminum Inward Windows are imported from Germany, such as SIEGENIA and other famous brands pure metal materials. Beautiful and wearable. It can meet the requirement of hardware wear in different climatic conditions. (handle made of pure metal, durable)


Hardware for general manufacturers

The hardware used by general manufacturers is rough, feels bad and the quality is poor, and the surface treatment is simple coating. Without impregnating treatment, the coating is easy to fall off and cause rust and corrosion. (handle made of plastic material, easy to damage)


 No.3 Thermal insulation strip contrast


SUHIBOGE Germany imported

insulation strip


General manufacturers choose

domestic PVC strip


Germany imports insulation strip

SUHIBOGE Germany imported polyamide nylon PA66 as insulation broken bridge material. Polyamide material has a high melting point, flame retardant, tensile strength, wear resistance, good electrical insulation. High safety factor. It can achieve good thermal insulation effect.


Heat insulation bars for general manufacturers

General manufacturers use the domestic PVC strip, poor quality, affected by cold and hot air changes, insulation strip will appear damaged fracture. Cause hidden trouble of safety accident.



No.4 Rubber strip contrast

SUHIBOGE use high-quality

export grade adhesive tape


General manufacturers choose

inferior rubber strip


High quality export grade adhesive tape

SUHIBOGE The use of high-quality EPDM tape, manufacturers for Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes Benz car adhesive supplier. The surface of the rubber strip is smooth and bright, the elasticity is very strong, the elongation is large, the hardness is changed by the temperature difference, and the fragrance is not sharp. The service life can reach 10 years or more without aging.


General manufacturers inferior glue strip

General manufacturers use inferior glue strip, the appearance in general, feel hard, rebound resilience, elongation, dark gray hair, Odor, short service life, easy aging, fracture.






No.5 Glass contrast

SUHIBOGE doors and windows are

made of toughened insulating glass


General manufacturers choose

4+12A+4 glass


Toughened insulating glass

SUHIBOGE High quality float glass, suicide rate is low, configuration of 5+12A+5 hollow toughened grinding processing. High safety, good insulation effect.



General manufacturer 4+12A+4 glass

General manufacturers use more impurities of the original glass, 4+12A+4 glass configuration, not grinding side, do not use the glass specifications. Glass insulation strips, using 6mm or 9mm, are far from energy efficient.



SUHIBOGE is strategic partner of SIEGENIA in Yixing, Jiangsu, China. SIEGENIA AUBI in Germany has a total of 6,000 employees and annual turnover more than 6 billion. It is one of the largest window hardware manufacturers in Germany and Europe.

Its products cover aluminum, plastic, wood and aluminum composite materials and inward open, outward open, sliding and other window type. Especially in the field of aluminum alloy hardware, SIEGENIA AUBI products in German market share the top.In addition, the company continues to develop new products to meet the new requirements of architectural designers, door and window manufacturers and builders. In the field of window door hardware and ventilation technology, the company has internationally recognized, sustained growth, synchronous and advanced development of business ability and strong potential.

In 2001, SIEGENIA entered the Chinese market, and was loved by the vast number of Chinese consumers. Over the years, SIEGENIA products with excellent quality, suitable price and perfect pre-sale, sale, customer service and reliable service, has become a real estate developer and engineering company in the hardware in the preferred brand.


Classic case

SUHIBOGE insists on high quality and safety standard,  the products have been put into a number of well-known projects.   Users and all quality management departments have given a high evaluation about Aluminum Windows

1. Kempinski Hotel YiXing   Building height of 240 meters, a total of 58 layers, is one of Yixing landmarks

2. Wuxi First People 's Hospital   Located in the center of Wuxi, construction area is 68,000 square meters

3. Wuxi Third People 's Hospital   Hospital construction area is 127,000 square meters

4. Shanghai Zhongke University Village   Consists of China University of Science and Technology's Graduate School and American style villa group, construction area of 130,000 square meters

5. Nanjing Olympic Sports Center   Best division in Jiangsu Province

6. YiXing Lakefront Royal Garden   An ecological living community with high quality and beautiful environment

7. Shanghai Shangdong International Park   Majestic portal, gorgeous courtyard, rugged wall, delicate window lattice, steep roof

8. Suzhou Golf Garden   Suzhou water citystyle, living environment is elegant

9. Suzhou Zhongtian Lake Garden   Is a living community, near lake built,  has a beautiful environment

10. Nantong International Building..........

German quality,  Worth trust

We hope that the excellent quality of SUHIBOGE doors and windows

will bring you a warm home environment

More hope that our brand service can bring you a distinguished life  

Professional customer service Professional installation technical guidance Professional transport team



The aluminum alloy windows introduced by SUHIBOGE
is adding vitality and warmth to

make your interiors

SUHIBOGE-Continuation of the German Manufacturing Industry's Spirit of Excellence.

SUHIBOGE Aluminum Windows pursue simple and textured industrial design,

Fine work from Germany has quality assurance,and it is the first choice of people who pursue comfortable texture. SUHIBOGE can bring a fashionable taste for your home decoration.

The Aluminum material from JAM which has implemented UKAS and through ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, it is the first brand in China. Hardware accessories from SIEGENIA which is one of the largest window hardware manufacturers in Germany and Europe 

              Enjoy the German high-end doors and windows standards

Quality ProfessionalAdvanced equipmentSuperior Materials
 Part from GermanyExquisite craftsmanshipThe most advanced automatedImported materials
Smriti of qualityMake the best qualityproduction line in the worldHigh-quality selection


Do you have a comfortable living environment?

Study shows that indoor pollution may be more serious than outdoors

Noise pollutionMildew pollutionAir pollutionSecurity risks
can not keep outcan not close up can not obstructopen doors and windows 
the noise from outsidethe seepage of rainwateroutdoor air pollutionreduce safety factor


SUHIBOGE  Provide a full range of door and window solutions

flame resistant plastic window spacers

Quiet / Bright / Elegant / Warm / Safe



 Barrier wind

Indoor constantReduce noise
wind pressurehydrospheretemperature



Good faith shopping guide

Image unity,

sincerity and enthusiasm

Be honest and trustworthy 

  Precise measurement design

Effective communication

to meet demand

Efficient design,

professional and accurate


Professional manufacturing

 Quality materials,

professional testing 

Greens and environmental protection, healthy and free from worry  Advanced equipment, fine production 

  Worry free after-sales service

 Pay a return visit and solve the problem

Quick response, whole follow up

Five years warranty,

lifetime maintenance


First class

installation instructions 

Professional installation instructions, guarantee effect

  Quick logistics delivery 

Strong packing and full accessories

Rigorous and careful, handle with care

Progress can be tracked at any time

Disclaimer of liability

 1 Q: About delivery time specification
    A: Due to the special customized products, we need you to supply us the full set of  constructure working drawing.

        According to your drawing, our engineer will give you a new drawing for door and windows.

    With quotation and Proform Invoice.

        Thank you for your support to SUHIBOGE

 2 Q: About arrival instructions

   A: As a custom bulky products, the presence of measurement design, communication  program, determine the program, and then orders, production and other links.
      Production time about 30-45 days, the specific time in accordance with customers to  communicate with us

 3 Q: About deposit
    A: Because of the particularity of product customization , product customization intention.  We’ll arrange the produtcion after the customer made a deposit. The balance need to be paid  before the shipment.

      We’ll send the bill of loading to customer.

 4 Q: About exchange
    A: As SUHIBOGE doors and windows are customized according to the actual situation  required by customers, orders can not be sold two times after production.
       As a result, all orders will be confirmed by buyers and made by order after payment

 5 Q: About after-sales service
    A: All the customers can enjoy the same after-sales service from all over the world

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