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Factory Supply Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Powder

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Description rapide
Type de produit:
le thé vert
1 - 2 ans
Thé en poudre instantané
Traitement du type:
Sac, Boîte, Masse, Boîte (étamé), Aluminum foil bag; Kraft bag; Can; Pouch
Spécialité :
Thé de santé, Thé bio, thé amincissant
HACCP, Iso, Cacher
Various grade available
Durée de Conservation:
18 months
Poids (kilogrammes):
Point d'origine:
Shaanxi, China
Marque nom:
Numéro de Type:
Product Name:
Factory Supply Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Powder
Green powder
For 10 years
Odor &Taste:
Food additives, Beverage
Shelf life:
18 months when properly stored.
Store in cool & dry place.Keep away from strong light and heat.

Emballage et livraison

Unités de vente :
Article unique
Taille du paquet individuel : 
12X8X5 cm
Poids brut par article :
1.300 kg
Type d’emballage :
25 kg/tambour; 1 kg/bag ou petit paquet comme exigence de client. Pour la poudre de crème glacée de thé vert de Matcha d'approvisionnement d'usine.
Délai : :
Quantité(Kilomètres) 1 - 5000 >5000
Durée estimée (jours) 1 À négocier

    Factory Supply Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Powder


Matcha Description


1. What is Matcha Green Tea Powder?


Matcha is using fresh tea leaf bud as raw material.After distilling off the surface moisture of the tea leaves.The powder is ground into Matcha Powder after being baked at a low temperature.


2.The Nutritional Value and Function of Matcha Powder:


Matcha,as a healthy nutrition product nearly thousands of years.It is rich in essential nutrients such as polyphenols,protein,fiber,vitamins and potassium,calcuim,magnusium,iron and other more than 30 kinds of trace elements,with anti-aging,enhance immunity and beauty.


Matcha Powder is natural antioxidant.A cup of Matcha Contains the same antioxidants as 10 cups of Green Tea.It is also beneficial for people who are losing weight.Promoting metabolism and burning calories four times faster than normal.


3.The History of Matcha Powder:

Origin:Sui and Tang Dynasties in China.

Matcha Originated in Sui and Tang Dynasty,Vigorous in the Song Dynasty.Until today,Matcha has a history of one thousands years.



It won warm praise from "Lu Tong".He is a poet in Song Dynasty"Steaming pleasant smell wanders continually around the Matcha Tea Water.With Matcha Powder floating on the water surface.The pot is filled with the boiling sound".In this sentence,he described and praised shape and color of Matcha.


Matcha originated in Sui and Tang Dynasties,but is rose in Japan.However after Fukushima nuclear leak in Japan.There are various of native Matcha has risks of nuclear radiation.Many European and American customers importing Matcha from Japan turned to China.Even the Japanese themselves has also begun to import raw material of Matcha Green Tea Powder from China.With strict control of Chemical Food additives in China.Our domestic food industry has begun to try to take Matcha as Natural Food Coloring Powder. The growing demand for Chinese matcha at home and abroad has made China's Matcha revival.


4.Six Grades of our Matcha Green Tea Powder:


Grade A-AAAAA & Super Ceremony


1. Grade A:For Cooking /culinary grade

Particle Size: 500 mesh


2. Grade AA :For Baking grade

Particle Size: 500mesh


(Since barley grass juice powder is added in this grade of Matcha, the Matcha will keep green after hot cooking.)


3.Grade AAA: For beverage,dessert grade & cosmetic grade

Particle Size: 1000mesh


Ceremony Grade:


4.Grade AAAA:Ceremonial grade

Particle Size: 2000 mesh



It is most popular grade in all of our grades.


5.Grade AAAAA: Ceremonial grade premium matcha

Particle Size: 3000 mesh  


6.Super Ceremony: Superior quality matcha

Particle Size:5000 mesh


(It is the best special grade.The raw material of this matcha is”Shu bei” tree species from Japan.The size of particle is 2.6 micorn powder.The powder is more finer. This grade of matcha is jade green and delicious taste.Normal matcha doesn't have the same color and taste like it. After you taste it, you will know if you are a specialist at matcha.)


5.Application of our MatchaGreen Tea Powder:


Grade A:


For Cooking /culinary grade. Such as: noodles,Ice Cream,biscuits, moon cakes, cookies, green bean cakes etc.


Grade AA:


For Baking grade:Nougat, Puffs, Pudding,Ice Cream,Chocolate etc.


(Since barley grass juice powder is added in this grade of Matcha, the Matcha will keep green after hot cooking.)


Grade AAA:


For beverage & dessert grade, such as Drinks, Smoothies, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices, Latte, Milk Tea etc.

Grade AAA:


For cosmetic grade: Mask, Foaming cleanser,soaps, Lipstick etc.


Function: Anti-Oxidant,remove acne, anti anaphylaxis, anti-inflammatory and radical scavenging activity etc.




Grade AAAA: For Ceremonial grade, drink directly.



Grade AAAAA: For Ceremonial grade premium matcha, drink directly.




6.1 Bulk Package:


1KG/Aluminum foil bag;10kg/Carton or 25kg/drum.


6.2 Small Package:With our or your private label:

*Sliver Aluminum foil bag:30g,50g,100g or 200g/bag



*Colorful Aluminum foil bag:30g,50g or 100g/bag


White,Black,Green and Blue colors for your selection.



*Kraft bag:50g or 100g/bag


It is currently one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world.



Our Can has good oxidation resistance, sealing, preservation, light protection and firmness. We recommend use our excellent can to pack ceremonial grade Matcha.


50G/jar into Box(MOQ:1000 Pieces)


50G/Aluminum foil bag with printed label(MOQ: 5000 Pieces)


7.The Process of our Matcha:


Grinding Tea process, the tea tree leaves are not cut.The tea cells not be damaged.The ground tea powder will not be black.


Machine:High-end electric grinding(Porcelain Stone ball mill)is widely used in high-end Matcha Production.This kind of porcelain stone grinding can not only grind ordinary stone grinding.It is also finer and ground in a sealed space.Which is more hygienic.


It has a unique low temperature constant rate baking and has a rich Seaweed flavor.


This Machine grind the Matcha powder to finer and avoids a sharp rise in temperature due to high-speed rotation.This in turn leads to disadvantages of yellowing of the Matcha Powder and the smell of burntness.



There is no high temperature process during processing and does not destroy the color of tea itself.The active ingredients of tea are retained.



8.Choose Raw Material of our Tea Tree:

100% Steamed Green Tea


“Su shi”,a great literary poet in Chinese history,once praised"Huainan Tea,the tea from Xinyang is First famous".


The total area of tea gardens has reached more than 1 million mu.


We use the Sunshade spring tea in May as Raw Material.And the physical

indicators are much higher the national standard.


What is Sunshade Tea?

In the process of Tea Growth,through the way of sunshade,anti-heatstroke.The shading rate is 99% on the top.Covering the shading changes the environmental factors such as light intensity,light quality and temperature.Thus affecting the formation of tea aroma quality.It can make the tea greener.To create a unique green and fresh sweet taste.


9.The Species of Our Matcha:

Xinyang Maojian Green Tea.


Xinyang is the hometown of Tea Kings in China.Famous Trademark of China.Known as the "King of Green Tea".


It is slender and has a large serrated edge.astringent,green color.


Thin,round,light,straight,more white,fragrant,rich,soup green.The color is green and radiant.And the white is revealed and unique.


"Shu bei"Tea Species.


Ellipitical,less serrated,bitter,light dark green.


“Shu bei”Species is one of the Main Raw Materials for the cultivation of wipe tea in Japan on the basis of the number of Chinese tea.It is also the raw material for the high quality of wipe tea.


“Shu bei”Species is one of the best tea varieties in Japan,which accounts for 75% of the tea planning was introduced from Japan to China in 1993.Many years of cultivation showed that Shubei Tea Planting has good growth,high yield and excellent tea quality.


“Shu bei” speices has two advantages:


1.Tea leaves grow more tender, higher chlorophyll content.


2.The northern Cassia has low content ,bitterness is not obvious, to make matcha taste better.




10.The Growth Place of Green Tea Tree:

Our growth place of Tea Tree local at Xinyang,China.



As the proverb goes "Picturesque mountains nurtures limpid water.Limpid water breeds pure Tea Tree."in China. Xinyang, kowns as the Capital of Landscape and tea.


Xinyang City, China is a Subtropical moonsoon climate. Between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River, north of Weishui River.Special location.It is called the Chinese geography textbook and has tittle of "Beiguo Jiangnan,Jiangnan Beiguo",with an average annual sunshine duration and a long frost free period.



Our Tea Gardens are located in high mountains of 300-800 meters above level.They are surrounded by cloud and mists.The temperature different between day and night is large.The growth cycle of tea is long,which is conducive to the breeding and accumulation of active ingredients in fresh leaves.Superior self-heating condition are especially conducive to aromatic substances affecting aroma and taste. Amico acid formation.The pollution free management makes the tea color,smell and taste good.

Excellent air temperature and cloud conditions.The most suitable daily temperature for Green Tea Trees us 16℃-25℃.Under such climatic conditions,the leaves of Green Tea grown are thick,porous,chlorophyll,high in amino acid content and high in nitrogen.The blade of Tea Tree has good tenderness.



It is China belongs to the top of the delegates.The natural fragrance is delicious.and the tea in heath care function is also outstanding.

The history of tea production is over 2300 years.The annual output can reach about 1 million.More than 150,000 acres of alpine tea gardens and more than 1000 acres of mulberry trees.


11.Flavor Matcha:


ARS committed to provide our customers Natural Food Raw Material. We continue to develop new varieties for our customers from all over the world.


Right now, we have Pineapple Powder,Peach Matcha,Strawberry Matcha,Coconut Matcha,Pitaya Matcha.Ginger Matcha etc.


We also can customize the matcha powder service according to your local market requirements.



Company Profile



Our production base is located in Zone B of Xi'an Technology Enterprise Accelerator. It has 3 production lines with 10,000-grade purification, international standard of extract production, tableting and solid beverage production. At present, we have obtained more than ten invention patents, and have obtained many products’ Production License, Health permit license.

More than 30 skilled workers, under the leadership of the factory manager and the squad leader with many years of production experience, dedication, using pharmaceutical standards and norms to produce high-quality products for customers.


Our Team:

We have 15 sales engineers who provide professional services to our global customers.

With rich professional export experience, relying on the excellent product quality and thoughtful service concept, our professional, passionate and young marketing team, win the customer’s greatly praise.

Our Service:

Before-sales service:

1. A small amount of free sample;

2. Strong technical supports from our factory and research center.

3. Suggest appropriate solutions to your project.

4.Full set of technical data, as COA, MOA, MSDS, Process Flow, Test Reports, etc.


After-Sales Service: 

1. Provide information of your shipment in-time.

2.Assistance on the customers clearance;

3.Confirm the intact commodity received;

4.Perfect product tracking system and service.

5.The quality problem of good is responsible by us. 

Our Certificates:

We have obtained many products’ Production License, Health permit license, and also international certifications include HACCP, ISO9001 2015, KOSHER certification, etc.



By participating in the international exhibitions, such as CPHI Europe, CPHI Asia ,SupplySide Asia,In-Cosmetics Asia and Vitafoods Europe, Communicating with customers face to face, makes us a global sales network.


We have established good cooperation with customers from more than 30 countries around the world.

If you have any further questions of Factory Supply Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Powder, please do not hesitate to contact with us.


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