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Glycérine, Squalane
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Traitement de l'acné, Anti-vieillissement, Anti-rides, Cercles foncés, Exfoliant, Hydrater, Nourrir, Peau Revitalizer, Crème solaire, Blanchiment
Crème, la lotion
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1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Osaka Port/ Kansai Int. Airport
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Sakuya SGE Cream

Effective beauty fair lotion Sakuya SGE Cream for clear skin other cosmetics available

Product Description


Sakuya SGE Cream


The cream to revitalize cells regaining the freshness of the skin by the power of mineral (Silica) and negative-ion.




Sakuya SGE Cream

The cream to revitalize cells regaining the freshness of the skin by the power of

mineral and negative-ion.


Are you happy with your present skin? Is your skin dry?

Let’s revitalize your skin with Sakuya-Trickle SGE Cream.


Sakuya-Trickle SGE (Super Growth Energy) Cream is made from revolutionary micrometer powder extracted from natural mineral ore which is found from the

serene lode in Kyushu, Japan.
One of the features of mineral SGE is to release negative ions from which you

adjust the balance of body function. It recovers the healthy condition of original skin.

   Recommended to people who are concerned about:
   dry skin / slack skin / opening of pores / starchy skin


Directions how to apply
1) Apply Sakuya-Trickle SGE cream immediately after face washing. It contains abundant minerals and negative ions. Please massage the face.

2) Improve the flow of lymph fluid by lifting up softly from the jaw to the ear, then from smile lines to an outer corner of the eye and to the temple. Do the right side and the left side in turn.

Improve the flow of lymph fluid by continuing daily.




 - SGE

Approximately 15 million years ago, a unique ore stratum was formed through volcanic activity in Kyushu, Japan. SGE is the very unique natural mineral ore produced from it. As a special characteristic, it emits infrared radiation which improves our self-healing power that we have primarily in ourselves.


- Revitalizing cells by serene mineral water

Mineral water comes with an exquisite balance of the minerals. The mineral water exceeds beyond the regenerative power of skin surpassing our self-healing power.

It regenerates the aged skin to a healthy, clear and smooth complexion.


- Ceramide

Ceramide is a horny layer of skin, that is lipid matter like a sponge between cells

which plays a role in keeping moisture or oil substance.

Ceramide is a major component of lipid matter between the cells, which accounts for 50%,

and its function is to maintain moisture indispensable for skin and hair.


- Moringa oleifera oil

The vegetable oil extracted from seeds of Moringa oleifera (Wasabinoki).

It is called the tree of miracle because almost all the necessary nutrients are included

in perfect balance.

It is the only plant which includes all essential amino-acid necessary to human beings,

and also contains various beneficial minerals.


- Squalane oil

Squalane oil is the cod-liver oil extracted from a liver of deep sea shark, Ur makes the 

metabolism of a skin cell active and functions to keep the skin surface smooth and moist.




 Sakuya Shizuku Lotion

<Mineral Water>
Sakuya Shizuku Lotion is made of rich mineral water with the equisite mineral balance.
It raises and supports a reproduction power of the skin.


<Ceramide Complex>
Complex ceramide in many multilayer with ceramide 3, ceramide 6II, ceramide 1, and
Phytosphingosine cholesterol. It helps to maintain moisture indispensable for skin.
Also, it has skin-trimming effect and barrier function to prevent stimulation from the
outside and a bacterial approach.


<Plant extract>
11 kinds of nature plant extracts selected carefully control generation of the melanin
causing stain freckles and lead it to the translucent smooth skin.


The collagen is a kind of the protein which is included most in the body.
It has skin firmness effects by generation of the collagen from the inside of the skin.


<Hyaluronic acid>
The hyaluronic acid keeping freshness of the skin is included a lot in dermis.


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beauty fair lotion beauty fair lotion beauty fair lotion
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