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Gros tapis à bulles noir, sangle pour magasin de thé Boba, nouvelle collection 2020, Taiwan

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Type de produit:
Ingrédients de thé de bulle
Type d'ingrédients de thé de bulle:
Boule de tapioca
Sac, Carton
Durée de Conservation:
8 Months
Poids (kilogrammes):
Point d'origine:
Taiwan, China
Marque nom:
Numéro de Type:
Tapioca size (big):
3 kg/bag
Minimum order:
1 bag
apply to:
Milk tea, fruit tea, smoothie, Ice Cream
Frozen Yogurt, Snow Ice, Pancake

Emballage et livraison

Unités de vente :
Article unique
Taille du paquet individuel : 
44X33.5X24 cm
Poids brut par article :
19.050 kg
Type d’emballage :
3 kg/bag
Délai : :
Quantité(cas) 1 - 10 >10
Durée estimée (jours) 14 À négocier

Taiwan Bubble Tea Big Tapioca Black for Boba Tea Shop





Storage & Care

- Avoid excessive heat or moisture.

- Avoid constant exposure to light.

- Expiration date as marked on the package.

- Shelf Life : 8 months (with preservative)

- Country of Origin : Taiwan


Product Sepc.

Product Name

Tapioca Pearl (Black) with caramel flavor for bubble tea

Packaging Spec.

3KG / Bag . 6 Bags / Carton

Net Weight : 18 KG

Gross Weight : 19 KG

Shelf Life

8 Months

Storage & Care

Keep in the cool & dry place

Country Of Origin



Bubble Milk Tea, Smoothie, Slush, Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Flavored Tea, Juice


Large size 2.3mm / Mini size 0.8mm

Customized Products

We provide not only different flavors of syrups but also encourage our customers to create their own special flavor in order to differentiate their product.

Minimum Order Quantity

1 case (only for RTS only Alibaba)

Contact Person

Michael Chan



Product Description


Tapioca Pearls



------The tapioca pearl, also known as Taiwan Tapioca Pearls for Bubble Milk Tea, is the phenomenon that started our world of innovative drinks and desserts. These delicious black pearls are made of cassava root and brown sugar, and they come in two sizes. They are used in fruit-flavored tea or milk tea, often referred to as bubble tea.


------Taiwan Tapioca Pearls for Bubble Milk Tea is very popular around the wrold because of its chewy texture. we offer the best quality and the freshest Tapioca straight from Taiwan. No matter if you are a store or just a bubble tea lover, you can enjoy the most authentic tapioca products.


Tapioca Boba Pearl (Large & Mini Size)

Only the highest quality tapioca starch is used in the creation of Leamaxx Tapioca Pearl. Used in milk teas and flavored smoothies with the large 12 mm boba straws or small 8mm boba straws.

2.3mm radius per large pearl / 0.8mm radius per mini pearl / Net Weight: 6.6lbs per bag / Air sealed in plastic bag container

Cooking Directions
1. Pour 6 times of water to pearl into the pot to boil. The Ratio of pearl to water is 1:6
2. Pour the peal into the boiling water slowly and stir them thoroughly
3. Turn to small flame and cook for 30 minutes
4. Turn off the flame and stew for another 35 minutes
5. Take out the pearl and rinse with cold water until cool
6. Drain excess water and add (sugar, honey and best served after 10 minutes)
7. Serve by putting into bubble tea or on top dessert

Storage Direction
1. Please store in cool & dry places
2. Once opened please properly reseal the bag (Best consumed within 48 hours after opening the bag)

Do not feed children under 5 years old
Oxygen Absorber is non-edible
Please keep away from children's reach


Purchase Procedure


Our Services

Company Information


Leamaxx Internatioanl Founded in 2006, the Leading Bubble Tea Wholesale Supplier In Taiwan. Provide business startup courses because we believe product training and education is important for the success of business owner. Our goal is to maintain long-term relationships with our business partners and to provide them with the necessary tools to succeed. We demonstrate the know-how of the bubble tea business and answer all questions you may have towards starting your own bubble tea business.




Training & News


Q. Where are your products from? 
A. All of our products are made in Taiwan with excellent quality.
Q. How do I make my order? 
A. Thank you so much for interested in our products. The easiest way to purchase from us is to write us an email. For further information, please kindly visit our website at
Q. How do I make my payment? 
A. Due to our company policy, please kindly do telex transfer to our bank account, 70% of the total                      payment when the order is placed and the rest of the 30% before products on board.
Q. How do you deliver my products (order)? 
A. We usually deliver orders by ocean in order to save transportation cost and will provide rate quotes to          our customer before delivery. Of course, if customers have any special requests on delivery, we can                definitely meet their needs.
Q. Are your products Gluten- free & Gelatin-free? 
A. Yes, all of our products are Gluten- free & Gelatin-free.
Q. Why choose us? What are our advantages? 
A. 1. We want to be your business partner.
         Not like other competitors in this market, we want to establish a long-term relationship with our                    customer and become your business partner to sustain our business.
     2. We don’t sell only bubble tea related supplies but also great service. 
         We have a great R&D team working with us, with this advantage; we are able to announce new                      products quarterly and provide new recipe to our customer every week.
     3. Ability to customize your own products.
         We are capable of helping our customers to adjust their products according to their needs from                      tapioca pearl, syrup, powders to packaging.
         In such a competitive market nowadays, how to differentiate yourself become one of the most                        important things.
     4. Professional Logistic service
         To provide better logistic service and lower shipping cost for our customers. We work with top 5                      forwarders in Taiwan and compare pricing before shipping out the products.
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