500 ml HACCP Certifié Vinaigre de Riz Blanc pour pikling et salade

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Assistance Fret maritime
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Description rapide
Type de produit:
Vinaigre de riz
Traitement du type:
Pâle jaune
Brix (%):
Poids (kilogrammes):
Durée de Conservation:
2 ans
Point d'origine:
Shanxi, China
Marque nom:
Numéro de Type:
500 ml Vinaigre De Riz Blanc
Fournisseur Type:
Nom du produit:
Brassée Vinaigre De Riz
Doux Délicieux Arôme
Capacité d'approvisionnement
Capacité d'approvisionnement:
1000 Ton/Tons per Month
Emballage et livraison
Détails d'emballage
En bouteille de verre, 500 ml * 20 bouteilles/carton, 730 carton/20GP.
Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port


Shanxi Mature Vinegar Group Co., ltd, located in the hometown of vinegar, Shanxi in China, is a large manufacturer and trader in vinegar industry and has the import and export right.


The most advanced equipment in Germany for liquid-state fermentation has been introduced. And we’ve built the biggest workshop for liquid-state fermented vinegar with a monthly output of ten thousand tons. The whole production process is controlled by computer automatically and accurately, thus guarantees the steady quality of vinegar. Also, we have the first automatic three-dimensional warehouse in condiment industry in China, which can ensure the delivery accuracy.


Our products are of high quality and taste delicious with each batch of products under severe control and going through several random sampling inspections. Over these years, the quality rate is always 100%. Test reports are offered by our own laboratory and other third-party authoritative inspection organization.


Modern workshop for liquid-state fermented vinegar


Our company imported the most advanced equipment from Frings in Germany and built the biggest workshop for liquid-state fermented vinegar under the guidance of experts from Frings. The whole production process can be controlled by computer automatically and accurately. The large production capacity enables us to meet customers’ orders promptly.






 Shanxi Mature Vinegar Group Co., Ltd,located at Taiyuan city, Hometown of Vinegar, is a Chinese time-honored brand corporation founded in 1368. The company began as a vinegar workshop named “Meiheju”.Our company produced vinegar in variety under the brand of "DONGHU", including mature vinegar, rice vinegar, white distilled vinegar, balsamic vinegar, garlic vinegar, health vinegar ,etc. The raw material are sorghum, wheat, bean, bran brewed naturally. Due to its rich, glossy flavor, dark brown in color and health benefits, shanxi mature vinegar enjoys the reputation of “best grain vinegar” and popularity around the world. 


Ways of Eating



Ways of Eating

a, Hot Dishes: For extra tenderness with boiling ribs or stew meat, add a spoon of vinegar, Vinegar can help minerals like calcium and phosphorus dissolved and increase the nutrition in the dish.

b, Cold Dishes: Cold dishes are special Chinese salad. Vinegar is the necessity part to remain a refreshing flavor, increase appetite and promote absorption of vitamin C.

c, Asian Dipping Sauce:  

d, Pickles: The acidity of vinegar for pickles has to be 6% at least. Vinegar and black beans are good for kidney; vinegar and peanut for the regulation of blood pressure; vinegar and soy for the regulation of blood lipids. 




 Automatic three-dimensional warehouse

It is the first in the condiment industry all around China, can ensure a fast and accurate delivery.





Strict quality control

If a company wants to develop in a sustainable way, the quality of products must be a top priority.

Each batch of our products will go through several sampling tests by our own laboratory and third-party authoritative inspection organization before delivery.




500ml HACCP Certified White Rice Vinegar




Daily cooking, salad dressing, seasoning for Japanese cuisine.


water, rice




GB18187 (liquid-state fermentation)



Carton size


Container load

A 20GP can load 730cartons




Donghu brand rice vinegar is made from selected rice. The most advanced equipment for producing liquid-state fermented vinegar in Germany has been introduced to ensure product quality. The whole production process is controlled by computer automatically and accurately, thus guarantees the steady quality of vinegar. It looks clear and bright, tastes scour but not bitter, delicious and slightly sweet. Generally used for seasoning and salad dressing.




 Payment Items

-For the first cooperation: 50% deposit T/T in advance, the balance must be paid before shipping. 

-For regulars: More preferential policy prepared for you.

Shipping Items----Safe, Sufficient, Punctuality, and Reliability

Service & Guarantee

-Any damage or broken after you receive, we will provide the best solution for yo

Our honors and certifications

                    HACCP                                       ISO 


                      Our factory                                      Our branch factory


 World Expo 2010 Shanghai China                          Signing Ceremony with Our Foreign Partner




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