120 capsules MARANOL effet anti-âge complément alimentaire

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Velvet antler extrait suppléments
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Altai Republic, Russian Federation
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Biysk, Russia
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120 capsules MARANOL anti-aging effect food supplement

According to the ancient Chinese manuscripts, young unossified antlers of Siberian red deer - deer velvet - have been used in the Chinese and Tibetan medicine for over 2000 years for making wonderful elixirs which prolong life and postpone aging. In Russia, velvet antlers were one of the most efficient means in the medical kit of the famous doctor of Tibetan medicine Peter Badmayev, who was a personal physician of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II and his family.

MARANOL is the only biologically active supplement-parapharmaceutical at the Russian market, composed both of Altai red deer velvet and its blood which is a unique substance thanks to its health-improving properties. MARANOL replenishes the stock of vital energy and helps keep excellent wellbeing, mental clarity and activity up to declining years. This is a product for longevity which affords us an opportunity to feel younger and more energetic, as well as to live longer without getting along in years.

Rely on powerful forces of nature and centuries-old experience of oriental medicine to achieve health, activity, clarity of mind and to keep this wealth up to declining years! Choose MARANOL - make yourself a royal gift! Several healing properties of the product declare themselves immediately while the other features have an accumulative effect and appear in the course of time.

Anti-aging effect: the product slows down aging processes, contributes to increased longevity and influences positively on your skin and hair.

Immune-modulating effect, when the level of properly functioning components of the immune system doesn't change, and the defective functioning components of the immune system turn back to their normal level.

Pronounced adaptogene and general-strengthening action: the product increases body resistance and adaptability to all adverse environmental factors and pathogenic agents.

Stable toning and bio-stimulating effect: regulates and replenishes the stock of vital energy, increases stamina, body activity, widens its functional opportunities.

Enhancement of sexual capabilities of the body: promotes increased level of sexual energy in the body, strengthens sexual desire, recommended in case of the loss of sexual power and chronic prostatitis, it restores sexual activity as well as improves sexual and reproductive functions in men and women.

Positive influence on many somatic disorders: the product improves functioning of gastrointestinal tract and the state of cardiovascular system, facilitates normal arterial pressure and recovers functions of internal organs.

Nutrition and correction of bony and cartilaginous tissues in the presence of various musculoskeletal disorders: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, arthritis, arthrosis, consequences of paralysis, etc. It contributes to regeneration of articular surfaces and prevents from compression of a cartilaginous tissue, helps reduce joint inflexibility and tenderness, relieves pains at rest and when walking, as well as minimizes calcium washout from the organism.

Quick recovery after injuries, diseases and surgical interventions. Accelerates tissue regeneration, wound healing and osseous fusion.

Positive impact on blood quality: the remedy revitalizes blood, improves blood circulation and stimulates formation of red corpuscules.

Reduction of blood cholesterol, atherogenic index and level of low-density lipoproteins. The supplement improves indexes of fat metabolism while decelerating progression of atherosclerosis processes.

Reduction of blood sugar.

Nervous system regulation: increases its reserves and safety factor in case of mental and physical fatigue and neurosis. A pronounced positive influence on many emotional-volitional reactions: improvement of mood, sleep, decrease of apathy, irritancy, tearfulness, anxiety, phobias and depressed states.

Improvement of cognitive functions: memory, attention, ability to concentrate, intellectual capabilities, provision of nutrition of brain cells.

Anabolic effect during sports activities: contributes to formation and growth of new tissues, increases muscular strength and activity when doing sports. Improves oxygen exchange. Recommended as an efficient and safe product for increase in effectiveness of athletic training, enhances persistence, endurance, improves sport performance and reduces competitive stress symptoms.

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