Deluxe correcteur posture ceinture de soutien lombaire retour brace ronde. épaule, scoliose

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Elastic medical grade posture corrector "ELAST 0109-01", orthopedic back support brace / vest / belt with metal splints All fromEU items


•  For correction and acquiring skills in maintaining normal posture,

•  With initial signs of scoliotic spinal deformity,

•  For prevention and elimination of fault in posture and spinal curvature, 

•  After spine operations and thoracic and lumbar spine traumas (injuries and compression fractures).

High quality medical product Recommended by doctors Produced in the European Union




•  This posture corrector is intended for either men or women; 
•  Two inserts ensure firmly support of the thoracic and lumbar part of the vertebral column; 

•  Due to an elastic cloth and a special tailoring, the posture corrector hugs the body and models

its contours;  •  Adjustable Velcro closures provide maximum comfort when worn; 
•  The posture corrector has the increased elasticity, air exchange and hygroscopic properties. 

•  Instruction booklet in English is included in the package.

Item details 

MATERIAL:  polyester – 30%, polyurethane foam - 25%, latex – 20%, cotton - 15%, nylon - 10%.   

COLOR: beige.  SIZE: S - XL  

Sizea, cmHeight, cma, inchHeight, inch

You should measure your waist and height and then choose

the right size from the size chart according your measurements.

Constructional features

The product is made of laminated polyurethane foam linen (internal surface – cotton) and elastic bands.

It consists of the following main parts:    •   the back, which is fitted with two metal modelled

stiffening ribs and two plastic waist bands,    •   bands-strengtheners,    

•   shoulder bands and soft swabs.
Movable soft swabs are located on the shoulder bands of the product and allow the

avoidance of skin rubbing in the underarm area.
The corrector is fixed with the help of elastic waist bands in the abdominal area.

The fixation is enhanced with the use of additional bands-strengtheners.
All elements of the corset are fastened with the help of contact fasteners.

All parts are fastened with each other with the help of Velcro fastener that allows

individual regulation of the required tension of belts and conveniently

fitting the product on the body.

Full list of medical indications

•  Complicated faults in posture;
•  Scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis of the first, first-second degrees; 
•  Compression fractures of vertebral bodies (not more than three) of the first and second degree of compression, including elderly people who suffer from osteoporosis;  
•  Rehabilitation period after concomitant injuries and surgeries; 
•  Degenerative spine disease and spondylopathy (Calve, Scheuermann-Mau diseases); 
•  Osteochondrosis, spondylosis, intervertebral osteoarthrosis, dislocation of vertebra, instability,

availability of intervertebral disk diseases; •  Intercostal neuralgia, radiculopathy, backaches,

pain in the chest, including strokes of pseudo-angina; •  Violation of the structure of

vertebral bodies as a result of osteoporosis, tumoral, tubercular and other processes.


HOW IT WORKS?    •  If your profession is related to continuous work in an inconvenient pose

for the spinal column, the load on it can be mitigated with the help of an elastic body posture corrector.

The curative effect of the TONUS ELAST corrector is provided by the "effect of memorising"

the correct position of the spinal column.    •  When wearing the TONUS ELAST corrector for the

first few days, a feeling of discomfort appears - it is normal and natural, as correction

of the wrong routine of the spinal column muscles is going on. 
   •  It is also important, that wearing the corrector "does not switch off" the work of your own

muscles and does not disturb the normal rhythm of your heart. In two-three months of regularly

wearing the product, a stereotype of the correct body posture is worked out. 
   •  For the elderly, the corrector will help in supporting the physically correct position of the

spinal column and will relieve the tension of the back muscles.
Basic advantages of the TONUS ELAST products:    •  Compulsory clinical testing at the

leading medical institutions.    •  ISO 9001:2000 Certificate on meeting the international

management and quality system standards.    •  Usage of modern computer technology

for designing and tailoring models.    •  Usage of modern sewing equipment and

advanced technologies.

Payment, Shipping, Return

We are the Official Distributor of the medical products manufacturer TONUS ELAST

located in the European Union, Latvia. We guarantee the best price!
We sell quality so we can stand behind what we sell. When you buy from us you will receive

speedy delivery, best price guarantee and outstanding quality products.


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