Haute qualité haute précision cuivre fabricant de carte de circuit imprimé

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Guangdong, China
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Wonderful PCB
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High quality high precision copper PCB
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copper printed circuit board maker
Electronic Board
Electronics Device
copper base pcb
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Sampls is available within 24hours
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Capacité d'approvisionnement:
45000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month Infrared Camera pcb board
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Shenzhen, Hong Kong
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Quantité(Pieces) 1 - 10 >10
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High quality high precision copper printed circuit board maker

Company Information

What do you want to know from our factory ?

 Wonderful PCB Limited 20 years experience, 700staff

Wonderful PCB fabricates printed circuit boards for customers in many industries worldwide, including       communications/telecom/IT, medical electronics, consumer electronics (mobile phones, computers, LED lighting, etc.), and the automobile industry. We supply high-precision, high-density, double-sided and multilayer custom PCBs and PCBA services for customers in many countries.


Factory View: 




- OEM services provided

- Heavy copper PCB, Heavy gold PCB, Blind / Buried via PCB, High layer count PCB  manufacturable

- Factory direct price

- Replying with price in one working day

- Shipping within 24 hours

- Certificate: ROHS, UL, ISO9001-2000, ISO14001,SGS Lead-Free

PCB Capacity
PCB General Capability
Number of Layer1 - 20 Layer
Maximum Processing Area680 × 1000MM
Min Board Thickness2 Layer - 0.3MM ( 12 mil )
4 Layer - 0.4MM ( 16 mil )
6 Layer - 0.8MM ( 32 mil )
8 Layer - 1.0MM ( 40 mil)
10 Layer - 1.1MM ( 44 mil )
12 Layer - 1.3MM ( 52 mil )
14 Layer - 1.5MM ( 59 mil )
16 Layer - 1.6MM ( 63 mil )
18 Layer - 1.8MM ( 71 mil )
Finished Board Thickness ToleranceThickness ≤ 1.0MM, Tolerance: ± 0.1MM
1.0MM ≤ Thickness ≤ 6.5MM, Tolerance ± 10%
Twisting and Bending≤ 0.75%, Min: 0.5%
Range of TG130 - 215 ℃
Impedance Tolerance± 10%, Min: ± 5%
Hi-Pot TestMax: 4000V/10MA/60S
Surface TreatmentHASL, With Lead, HASL Free Lead
Flash Gold, Immersion Gold
Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin
Gold Finger, OSP
PCB Cu Thickness + Plating
Out Layer Cu Thickness1 - 6OZ
Inner Layer Cu Thickness0.5 - 4OZ
Cu Thickness of PTH20UM ≤ Average ≤ 25UM
Min: 18UM
HASL with LeadTin 63% Lead 37%
HASL Free Lead7UM ≤ Surface Thickness ≤ 12UM
Thick Gold PlatingNi Thickness: 3 - 5UM ( 120u" - 200u" )
Gold Thickness: 0.025 - 1.27UM ( 1u" - 50u" )
Immersion GoldNi Thckness: 3 - 5UM ( 120u" - 200u" )
Gold Thickness: 0.025 - 0.15UM ( 1u" - 3u" )
Immersion SilverAg Thickness: 0.15- 0.75 UM ( 6u" - 30u" )
Gold FingerNi Thickness: 3 - 5UM ( 120u" - 160u" )
Gold Thickness: 0.025 - 1.51UM ( 1u" - 60u" )
U940 PCB Pattern Limit Capability 
Min Width0.075MM ( 3 mil )
Min Trace0.075MM ( 3 mil )
Min Width of Ring ( Inner Layer )0.15MM ( 6 mil )
Min Width of Ring ( Out Layer )0.1MM ( 4 mil )
Min Solder Bridge0.1MM ( 4 mil )
Min Height of Legend0.7MM ( 28 mil )
Min Width of Legend0.15MM ( 6 mil )
PCB Holes Processing Capability
Final Hole SizeMin: Laser 0.1MM, Machine 0.2MM
Drilling Hole Size0.10 - 6.5MM
Drilling ToleranceNPTH: ±0.05MM, PTH: ±0.075MM
Final Hole Size Tolerance ( PTH )φ0.20 - 1.60MM ± 0.075MM

φ1.60 - 6.30MM ± 0.10MM

Final Hole Size Tolerance ( NPTH )φ0.20 - 1.60MM ± 0.05MM
φ1.60 - 6.50MM ± 0.05MM
Drilling Strip Hole-0L ~tu.'gth /width 2:1
Min Strip Hole Width 0.65MM
Length & Width Tolerance ± 0.05MM
Board Thickness / Hole Size≤ 10:1
PCB Cover Thickness Capability
Solder Mask ColorGreen,Matte Green,Yellow,Blue,Red,Black,Matte Black,White
Solder Mask ThicknessSurface Line ≥ 10UM
Surface Line Corner ≥ 6UM
Surface Board 10 - 25UM
Solder Mask Bridge Width
Legend ColorWhite,Yellow,Black
Min Height of Legend0.70MM ( 28 mil )
Min Width of Legend0.15MM ( 6 mil )
Blue Gel Thickness0.2 - 1.5MM
Blue Gel Tolerance±0.15MM
Carbon Print Thickness5 - 25UM
Carbon Print Min Space0.25MM
Carbon Print Impedance200Ω
Blind/Burried/Half Via PCB Capability 


(4-layer)blind via:1-2,2-4

(6-layer)buried via:2-3,3-4


Min ViaLaser 0.1MM, Machine 0.2MM
Half ViaMin: 0.6MM
Impedance Capability
Resistance ValueSingle-ended 50 - 75Ω, Difference 100Ω, Coplanar 50 - 75Ω
About Us

Contact us to check out full details, we will reply to you with prices in one working day!

1.Which type of PCBs do you expert in?

We are specialized in producing HDI multilayer blind, BGA, impedance, half-hole, double-sided, single-sided, etc.


We are OEM on PCB boards with experience over 15 years.

3.What is your Lead time?

Lead time is usually punctual here, for some special situation, we can also advise customer in advance to avoid any inexpectation or loss at customer side.

4.What is your testing policy and how you controle the quality?

For sample, usually tested by flying probe; for PCB Volume over 3 square meters, usually tested by fixture, this will be more faster. Due to there’s many steps to PCB production, we usually do inspection after every step.

5.What is your certificate?

ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, RoHS report. We can provide the report of raw material based on customer’s requirement.

6.What is your package?

With Inner vacuum package and out carton.

7.PCB shipment?

This is depend on customer, sometimes we ship through our forwarder, who is also the agency of DHL, TNT, UPS, Fedex, and so on. Our forwarder can provide too much better freight cost than we get directly from those express enterprise.

8.What is your produce ability?

Our ability is average 40,000 square meters per month.

9.I only have the pcb sample, not pcb file, can you produce it for me?

Yes, we can copy file based on your sample, this file names gerber, and production then is accorded to gerber file.

10.Can you design gerber file?

We can design gerber file if customer can provide us schematic, schematic sample can also be provided if customer want.

11.What kind of PCB file format can you accept for production? What CAM software do you use?

We accept Gerber file for production. CAM350, GENESIS, UCAM, GC-CAM, V-2000.

12.Will you allow me to put several part number together into one panel?

Yes, this is usually happen in we factory, this way can help customers reduce some cost and to a certain degree, it can help reduce some assembly cost.

13.What material brand you use for your PCB?


14.What is your minimum order quantity?

We have no limitation on MOQ, prototype, medium volume and large volume are all acceptable.

15.Will RoHS Lead-Free Custom Spec. Boards be marked with lead-free symbol?

Yes, can, but need customer to specify this requirement in file.

16.Are my design files safe when I submit them to you for manufacturing?

Any customer’s file will be protected very well here in our factory and we will not let any third party know. We can sign NDA with you.

17.What is the largest PCB size you can fabricate?


Comparison of Competing Products

Num.Material TechnologyOur ProductionGeneral Production

1.Our (TG170)FR4:

high quality materials, excellent heat resistance, won't distort break in high temperature, no foaming, no burning, good performance in electrical charge, impact resistance, humidity-resistance


2.Our FR4

good performance in electrical charge, impact resistance, humidity-resistance


3.Our CEM



4.Our Rogers

Good performance in high frequency


5.Our Aluminum

Excellent heat dispersion

1.General FR4

High heat work


2.General CEM

Expand and deform in damp conditions

2FactoryWe have automatic production line. The automatic production line improves the precision and efficiency of PCB producing,it makes surface brighter, cleaner and more smooth, and it helps reduce the cost.Artificial production line
3Blind/buried via board, High Density Interconnect(1+1,N+1)Application of HDI technology reducing the thickness and the volume of PCB boards, increasing the density of 3-D wiring design.Difficult manufacturer, high cost
4ImpedanceGood performance in reliability and stability of signal sending and receivingHigh cost
5Surface Technics

1.IMG:smooth surface, good adhesion, no oxidation under long using

2.gold plating(thick gold:1-50U"):good wear-resistance

3.HASL:better price, not easy oxidation, easy to welding, smooth surface

4.HAL: better price, not easy oxidation, easy to welding

1.IMG:high price

2.Gold plating(thick gold):high price

3.HAL:surface is not flat, not suitable for BAG packaging

6Copper Via/Surface(20-25UM,0.5-60Z)Laser holing: Min 0.1MM, Mechanical holing: Min 0.2MMHard to reach 0.1MM
7Multilayer board(4-20 L),BGA(CPU)

BGA:high density, high performance, multifunctional, increase thermal reliability, good performance in electroheat property, MIN width/space: 3/3MIL


Multilayer board:strong microporous, high reliability

Difficult manufacturer,high cost
8TestTo assure quality, avoid wasting after installing and scraping, save cost, save the time of reworkCareless

We are specialized in manufacturing high-precision PCB boards( including heavy copper PCBs heavy gold PCBs, high layer count PCBs and other high complexity PCBs ), providing high-quality PCBA services.


Contact us to check out full details, we will reply to you with prices in one working day!


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